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August 24, 2013
These Mud Flaps Can Help Trucks Slash Fuel Costs Popular Mechanics
based Anderson Flaps didn't set out to create a greener mud flap. They actually set out to create a cleaner one. The company hoped to revamp mud-flap design ...

Green Plus Institute of Duke University includes Eco-flaps 2013

The Internt'l Truck Show in Helsinki May 9-12, 2012
- Our Official Introduction Into the European Truck Market 

Freightliner Showcases Eco-flaps:

to see Eco-flaps on the Freightliner concept truck. Fast forward the video clip to 5:30 in and view in full screen.

Another look can be found by clicking: 
Once open, click on Exterior and choose the 360 degree view in full screen.

NAFCE Presentation at TMC 2012 Annual Meeting of Trailer Fuel Efficiencies Lists Flyswatter Flap (Eco-flap) - See Slide 14

Article in Fleet Owner Magazine - MVT guides Nussbaum In Improving Fleet Aerodynamics and Saving Fuel - Includes Eco-flaps - Click

Aug 2011 Food Logistics Fleet of the Year Awards to MDS (Eco-flap® Customer)

natural gas powered Fresh&Easy Ryder Tractor w/ Eco-flaps®


View USXpress' CEO Presentation at the 2009 ATA Conference & Exhibition "Finding the Green While Going Green" which includes Eco-flaps® 

Fritolay Trucks in MyETTNews Article Includes Ecoflaps®

Lily Recent Article on Eco-flaps® Feb 24, 2011

Chiquita Sets Up Green Carriers Eco-flaps® Included

H.O. Wolding and Eco-flaps® 

Read about Eco-flaps® on DART'S new Eco Trailer

HDT's Clean & Green Article Features Eco-flaps®

February 11, 2009 Fleet Owner Magazine Article

June 16, 2009 Transport Topics Article 

May 10th, 2010 Article by Michele Fuetsch, Transport Topics Click Here for Page 1, Click Here for Page 2

February 19, 2009 Today's Trucking

December 2009 Overdrive Magazine,  Pg 36

Netherlands TU Delft Aerospace Engineering's (Platform for Aerodynamic Road Transport)
Includes Eco-flaps®  Read Recent European Article
 , TU Delft

Canadian Articles/Websites about Eco-flaps®:

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